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Winter Jobs.. What's your list??

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  • Tdafforn
    Finish rebuilding the rear suspension and diff
    New radiator and new water pipes
    Coolant system flush and sort out the heater valve
    New E10 resistant fuel hoses
    Oil and filter change
    New seat squabs
    Refurb the dash
    Fit relays for headlights and Rad fan.
    not too much

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  • RobinLegin
    Like Singapore Stag.

    1: Wait for something to go wrong, then fix it.
    2: See a psychiatrist about Stag Paranoia.

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  • jakesmig
    regrind crankshaft
    Change lift and high pressure fuel pumps to 1 in tank fuel pump.
    change fuel tank to accept new in tank pump
    fit EWP system
    modify alternator location to allow EWP installation.
    Fit polished and gas flowed heads.

    But then, perhaps none of the above.

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  • Stag-Victor
    jobs already done are replacing the front seatbelts and fitting new door handles. those were the quick easy and relatively cheap ones.

    Then diff out for a new pinion seal, quill shaft bearing and strengthening. clean and replace the underseal on the boot floor while it's all out, then reassemble with new cv halfshafts.

    Then early next year it will be out with the gearbox to solve the noisy layshaft bearings.....

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  • 022Dave
    Not as many as you, Terry, but here's a few jobs I've been putting off for too long.

    I want to change all of the flexible fuel line connections with E10 tolerant material; I've done them piecemeal over many years when they've started to crack & 'smell', so time to do it right.

    I've also got a new set of Cibie headlights to fit, as the reflectors on my current set (20-odd years old) are a bit cloudy, although I've been told they could be carefully cleaned, and if they do, will put back into my spares stash.

    Last year I bought a wider opening thermostat from Tony Hart, so will install that when I flush the coolant.

    And lastly there's a new set of black & silver number plates; the present front one has severe gravel rash, so again I'll clean it up and stash it away with the old set of Cibie's.

    At the start of next season, I'll change the oil & filters, clean out the brakes, and blow out the cobwebs with a fresh tank of E5!


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  • singapore stag
    Mine are.......
    1: Wait for something to go wrong, then fix it.
    2: See a psychiatrist about Stag Paranoia.
    3: Fit a new carpet ( if money allows )
    4: Fit magnetic sump plug, change oil ( fuzz townshend heritage )
    5: before oil change, locate oil leak and fix ( probable oil pump seals )
    6: paint work touch up...maybe a re-spray.
    7: Fit stereo and speakers.
    8: Fit Led bulbs all round.
    9: After paint work fit on stripes ......only 2 meters.

    10: Fix one of the above as something will go wrong.

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  • trunt
    started a topic Winter Jobs.. What's your list??

    Winter Jobs.. What's your list??

    OK so now the driving season is basically over time to get to some of the jobs I have been putting off..

    Rack is leaking from left side (drivers side in my case) I'm fairly sure its the "shuttle" seal in the rack but I guess could be the control, hopefully I will be able to determine that when I disassemble it. It works fine - just leaks.

    The rear seat squab and tonneau cover have faded so they need to be redone. (see my other post)

    The grandkids are getting bigger, maybe install 3 point seatbelt anchors while the tonneau is off?

    Move fuel filter from over manifold

    Extra hood release.

    ??KYB front shocks. I like the rears I just put on!

    ??fuel gauge is not very accurate - but do I really care?

    And the biggie.. The rear engine seal is weeping, so that would mean the gearbox out, if I do that the prop shaft is getting new HD UJ's. ahh maybe next year -- its not that bad!!

    That should keep me busy

    So what' s your list?

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