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Winter Jobs.. What's your list??

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    Hi Alan

    My hose comes out of the front. I have fitted the original alternator in the left position as a test and it has at least 40mm clearance all around. I received the 80A alternator today but have not checked if it fits yet but I am sure it will.

    1974 ,French Blue, TV8, ZF4, Weber, Header Tank, Sec' Spoiler, Rad Cowl. LED Lights, LHD Stalks .


      Originally posted by DMT View Post
      I received the 80A alternator today
      Where did you source your 80A alternator?
      1974 Mk2, ZF Auto, 3.45 Diff, Datsun Driveshafts. Stag owner/maintainer since 1989.


        EJ Wards. I just bought their last one.
        1974 ,French Blue, TV8, ZF4, Weber, Header Tank, Sec' Spoiler, Rad Cowl. LED Lights, LHD Stalks .


          Replace both door cards
          Sort out slow electric windows - both sides
          Wire-up central locking kit
          'Adjust' new remote unlocking keys to fit
          Wire header tank float switch to a lamp, somewhere
          Sort out the smelly boot
          Try polishing the paintwork - might not work

          But the biggy is - find some foam for the glovebox buffer which is strong enough to push the door open and keeps its shape after being squeezed shut, so it does it the next time.


            My list is :-

            1. fit indicator buzzer with timer as can't hear it anymore and leave it on like an old person!

            2. check my timing chain tensioners with scope (Stag Paranoia)

            3.Remove the old underseal from boot floor and paint with 121 mastic +chip guard +body colour, may drop axle but suffering from SLUGITUS at the moment!

            4. add new clips to drivers door card.

            5. sleep
            "The UK,s 2nd Most Easterly Stag" Quad Exhaust- ZF 4 Speed BOX


              Started my list already(see previous post "Front Hub & Brake Upgrade") but have hit a snag with the discs which Chris Witor is hopefully sorting.

              Then, in no particular order:-

              Swap all wheels round

              Replace clutch pipe with Goodridge braided hose. Bought direct and not via the brothers

              Add a bit of bling with a polished aluminium clutch reservoir

              Renew steering column bushes - not looking forward to this

              Investigate why radio has lost its DAB signal and the electric aerial has developed the hiccups when extending

              Should get me out of the house and avoid any jobs SWMBO thinks I have time to do



                My list:

                Drive the car as usual
                Clean it occasionally
                Use my chassis pressure washer to clean the underside once, probably over the Christmas holidays
                Fix anything that breaks
                6,000 mile service is due in January
                Mabel is a white 72 Mk2, TV8, ZF 4HP-22 auto.


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