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    Towbar question

    Just getting around to fitting a S/H towbar I have had for years as I need to tow a small trailer. Its the same as the one sold by Rimmers. but I don't have and am unsure where the bit ringed in red would fit?

    Also not sure if the one I have has got bent as I cannot see from the Rimmers pic above. With the beam bolted to the crossbar the rearmost boot floor mount is positioned correctly but the front Floor mounting is 3" below the boot floor. Has the previous owner been towing the QE2 on a trailer? Can anyone confirm the slight bend shown below is normal for the Rimmers towbar?

    Before any wisecracks, I'm not jacking the car up on a plastic can, I'm trying to get (unsuccessfully ) a white contrast to show the gap! - Alan


    Ok I should have noticed this before posting there were two 8mm thick spacers welded just by their sides to the rearmost boot mounting. I ground off the welds and separated them from the single plate mount and everything lines up perfectly. I think the spacers were with the kit originally but should have been used on the inside of the boot floor. Clearly the original owner must have had seriously misaligned panels to need the spacers where they were.


    So out into the blazing heat to finish the job
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