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Shade for our dogs

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    Shade for our dogs

    Our Labrador and Border terrier love travelling in the back of the Stag. After 30 mph they hunker down behind the seats to stay in the Lee of the wind. But they tend to get too hot if the weather is sunny. Other than raising the hood I wondered if anyone has cracked this and built a light shade that can be tied from the T bar to the hood cover?

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    we have a smaller dog than yours,the Audi style mesh wind breaker,works for us,as it's a black mesh which goes behind the headrests,and also over the back seat,and gives some sun shade.
    your dogs maybe a little tall for this,but that's all I can suggest for now.



      When we went down to Italy a few years back (on reflection, summer was a stupid time to go), we did the long distance stuff with the roof up, but unzipped the rear window, and had the side windows down to create a good ventilation flow through the car. This kept the direct heat of the sun off us. Neither we, nor the two dogs, became uncomfortabley hot, until we stopped & got out of the car. We only dropped the roof fully to do the posey bits in towns, or on evening runs!



        The search continues. I have come across this:

        It's 75% Reflective Aluminet Shade Cloth UV Resistant Sunblock Shade Net with Grommets Sun-Block Mesh Shade for Greenhouse, Garden, & Patio. My thoughts are to make a frame of some kind. One attached to the "T" bar (fairly simple), and the other held by the soft top sewage shelf at the back. It's not too expensive.

        There are 2 possible issues however:

        1. will it hinder/ obstruct the view from the rear mirror.and
        2. will it stay secure at road speed?

        Thoughts welcome. Dave you are right about unzipping the back window as a solution, but then this defeats the purpose of driving open top.


          From one Robin to another
          Take a look at the idea that I came up with, then decided to go ahead and have it made. Rolls up and easily fits in the trunk/boot when not required, if I say this delicately keeps my wife's hair happy so should work with your pouch.


          Robin Searle


            Hi Robin,

            unfortunately the file is not on the internet.


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