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    EJ Ward - Excellent Service

    Just wanted to praise EJ Ward for great customer service. I'd had an issue with a water pump bung that I'd purchased in 2016...! and never got to fit. when I did it was one that they had an issue with their supplier having made them a little too big and wouldn't fit.

    Didn't really have much hope, but raised it with them and they took it back and fully refunded me. Lyn in the accounts team was great, dealt with the refund while I was on the phone.

    It is tough for suppliers at times, so just wanted to mention this on the forum.

    I'm now on their site spending it all again

    That’s impressive..

    I went to my local mom and pop hardware store, you know the type in American sitcoms with wooden floors and people helping you, they cut keys so I asked them to cut a BL plastic key I had bought elsewhere.. No charge! Of course I bought a load of stuff and use it regularly now..

    Terry Hunt, Wilmington Delaware


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