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Fitting new Solenoid to overdrive, assistance please!

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    Fitting new Solenoid to overdrive, assistance please!

    Hi team!

    Should the plunger naturally be forced out by a spring or something while the engine is off, so the overdrive is disengaged?
    Or does the pressure of the grearbox force it out when engine running?

    I understand how the solenoid pushes it in, I just want to know how it is pushed out, to make sure mine isn't broken!

    See my video:


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    On an A type overdrive, the solenoid pulls it out when energised. So what your seeing is correct.
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      Could it be that the arm has been aligned with the hole in the off position? Then engaging pulls the arm past the hole? Maybe someone with an A type can tell?

      It’s been a long time since I had an Atype so I may be way off there...
      Due to wear in the linkage, the hole reference on mine was useless, I had to set it up by measuring the lift on the ball valve.. see technical section... I posted that info there...

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      Terry Hunt, Wilmington Delaware


        Thanks team, I thought the Solenoid 'pushed' rather than 'pulled' so that was exactly the response I was after!

        New solenoid fitted and overdrive works a treat!

        On to the next issue... :-D
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