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    I seem to recall that the Stag relay works mirror image to the proprietary ones, non? IIRC it needs the current to be taken away rather than a pulse being given? Oh well, I might be talking BS as I don't possess a rare expertise in that topic.
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      Go to vehicle wiring products they sell wiper delay relays,with fitted instructions,they also sell timer relays for the heated rear screen

      Hi Dave

      this one ? Unless I missed something, it doesn't do anything that the stag standard unit doesnt already do. i.e. the intermittent wipe is a fixed time period.

      OP is looking for something that can be adjusted
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        As these guys are local to me, I thought I'd better give them a plug. I've not used them myself, but they have been featured in many publications:

        The owner of the business saw my Stag parked near Tiverton Canal last year and left his card on the seat.

        (Niall mentioned them in post #2)
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          Scanning the Classic car suppliers websites, I came across a product on Moss Europe website called Smartscreen Wiper/Wash system. Slightly pricey but may well do the job. They have a helpline so will investigate the fitting instructions and how they relate to the Stag as it's not a type listed in their suitable vehicles and hopefully get some feedback and advice



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