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Jacking up car from subframe arms

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    Don’t jack where the road load isn’t reacted.
    Exception use the sills if the car is less than 3 years old.
    got my coat.
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      Sorry with the strengthened nose I was meant to say jack the car up from the back of the diff and not the nose. but will try and avoid as much as possible


        Originally posted by sujitroy View Post
        Sorry with the strengthened nose I was meant to say jack the car up from the back of the diff and not the nose. but will try and avoid as much as possible
        "Try to avoid as much as possible" the recommended place to jack the rear of the car?

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          Originally posted by Tim Ward View Post
          Classic Car Rubber Pad Slots Jack Hydraulic Ramp Jacking Tool Trolley Jack UK.

          Just noticed these on Ebay. What I have but made of rubber not wood.

          Not computer savvy enough to know how to link the page. Tim
          I bought them Amazon - however given all the above I am really not sure if they are a good idea or not! I haven't tried them yet.

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            Those do look a good idea, ok if you know what is inside your sills.
            I don't, the sills on mine were done before my ownership. So, can't be sure what's inside or how strong they would be for jacking.

            I'll stick with under the spring seat of the trailing arms for wheels off / changes. Floor / heel board or rear of diff for other work.



              Originally posted by sujitroy View Post
              Lots of suggestions to digest. I am in the process of strengthening my diff nose so when that is done, I jack up the car from there. However, my wife has given me permission to buy something like this:
     and with 2 Stag's now, this will make my life a bit easier.
              Hi Sujit... Without going too far off thread topic...

              I presume you get the members monthly mag shipped to you? When you get it, there's an article from a member that invested in a scissor lift. This type of model gives mid-rise lift of about 1 metre for better access and rated to 3000kg ,


              I'm looking at similar mobile or static models in the UK and they usually come with rubber pads/blocks to be positioned best suited to vehicle being lifted. UK Prices vary from 1500 - 2500 (from US$ 2000 approx).

              There's a good thread on forum relating to hydraulic lifts etc. if you do a search.

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                When I started my restoration I bought a twinbusch two post lift. German company but built in China to German quality standard. Great value at 1200 incl vat. Before I bought it I sought the advice of an engineer who installs and certifies garage equipment. He helped me install it. Check now and the price is 1500 but still great value compared to othes on the market.

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