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No Fast speed on wipers

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    No Fast speed on wipers

    Hi All,

    I've had a problem with my wipers where they only worked on slow speed, would just stop if went to fast and would not park. I've been through the forum and all the good advice pointed me in the direction of checking voltages.

    I had recently bought a new wiper switch from the brothers as my old one had snapped, it turned out two of the pins in the connector were in the wrong place. At first I though it could have been my wiring but it matched the wiring diagram and it was definitely the switch that had two pins were incorrect. I swapped them round in the connector and now the wipers work perfectly !

    Not sure if anybody else has had this problem but if you do by a new wiper switch might be worth checking that it is wired correctly. when selecting the off, slow, fast etc the following pins should be shorted out, you can check with a multimeter.

    Off - pins 4 and 5 should be connected
    Slow - pins 1 and 5 should be connected
    Fast - pins 1 and 3should be connected
    Int - pins 5 and 6 should be connected and 7 and 9 should be connected
    washer - pins 1 and 2 should be connected.

    i.e. select position 1 for slow wipers and place the multimeter leads on pins 1 and 5 and the meter should show short circuit.

    Hope this is of help somebody.
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    this seems to be a common problem with the switch from the brothers.
    I fitted LHD switches so the stalks matched my daily drive and the wiring was also incorrect on this unit, I informed them some 3 years ago so it may be due for a correction any day now!


      Many years ago when I worked for a company selling Stag parts, the switches supplied to us back then came from the same source with the incorrect wiring, as they technically were not "Stag" switches. However, it was a very simple job to interchange two pins in the wiring connector to rectify the problem, so we used to do this before sending them out to our customers. Why can't instructions be included with the switch?


        I had to remove the connecting block from the switch to be able to feed the cable down the metal channel under the steering, but fortunately I had been warned via this forum to change the two wires around, but I had to blow the fuse first to confirm this correction was necessary. Cheers Mac


          Sounds like it’s a common problem. As mentioned you would think they would advise that two pins need swapping round as it’s a known problem.

          However it did allow me to have to use the wiring diagram and trace everything through. Not so easy on modern cars with all there transistors though!

          Just got to get the brake warning light to work now!

          Had the car for just over a year now and loving it. Always wanted one in the 80’s but could never afford the insurance or the car come to that. Eventually got there though.

          Great forum really appreciate all the help I’ve been given.


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