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bolt and setscrew part no. demystified

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    bolt and setscrew part no. demystified

    If any cares to know how to tell a bolt size from the part no. Someone gave me this: I have a copy of the standard triumph hardware book and my parts catalog uses the sames numbering system

    HU754 would be UNC.
    HU indicates a set screw
    UNC threads commence from HU750. HU754 would be 1/2" long (4 x 1/8)
    HU704 would be UNF and 1/2" long.
    HU714 would be 1.75" long (14 x 1/8)
    HU764 would be UNC and 1.75" long. (764-750=14. 14 x 1/8 = 1.75)

    The bolts with HB I recall uses the same numbering system.

    I parted out a Stag and have a box of bolts and setscrews. For Stag no.2 at least the engine and box, I'm trying to use the correct size wherever possible.

    This is something that Julian Leyton published on here several years ago:

    Bolt sizes etc.docx
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