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    temperature sender

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm a new member from the USA. I could use some technical assistance. I am in the process of replacing my temperature sender. The local auto parts store sold me a Beck Arnley part 201-1110 as a replacement. I don't think this is correct. I placed a variable resistor to ground in place of my temp sender and dialed it in until the gauge read midpoint. It looks to me like it would require about 55 Ohms. I placed the new sender in a cup of water at 200F and it reads about 79 Ohms. This means to me that, if I installed this sender, it would consistently read lower than actual temp. I have a solid state voltage regulator that's working great delivering exactly 10.1 volts. Are there any recommendations on a more proper sender I could get in USA ? I noticed LD parts says they have a correct one but its out of stock and also couldn't fit in an envelope which would mean shipping to USA would probably be more than the cost of the sender. Thanks for any help.

    There is a club in USA. Try Michael Coffey.
    He should be able to help. Also ask him how much to ship. His shipping costs are a bit high.

    Triumph Stag Club USA
    Michael M. Coffey
    401 Brighton Drive
    Clarks Green, PA 18411
    Phone: (570) 586-1810


      These stag senders are all over the place on many British cars, MG, Most TR’s

      Look for a GTR108

      Terry Hunt, Wilmington Delaware


        What Terry said. Just did mine. Got it from Rimmer. Hardest part is getting a stinking wrench in it. Now it is done, switching to VDO, so adapter from one place, sender from VDO. For some reason, Smiths used a lot of different senders and of course, their thread is unique to them. Two in MGBs and accuracy of both is dubious.

        My temp gauge had an external resister on it. I assume it was to move "normal" over a little.

        FWIW, My sender was open, brake in the wire into the harness, and pushed pin in the plug to the cluster. 3 failures in one circuit!

        There is also a forum on the Triumph Experience that on a rare occasion you can get help. Much better luck here. Very active for MGBs with quite a bit of generic information.