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Toyota Red Coolant Antifreeze 0888980014

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    Toyota Red Coolant Antifreeze 0888980014

    Thought I would start a thread re Toyota Red coolant so people can find information about it easier when searching.

    Please add to the thread re your experiences of using it.

    I first came across it here IIRC, many thanks to Ian Durrant! - Post no. 11

    Toyota Red is often recommended, I have had it in my Stag for a while now, all good! It is IAT (inorganic acid technology). Toyota say it is for their vehicles before 2004. Lasts for 5 years.

    Toyota also do a Super long life coolant which is PINK, this is OAT based, lasts for 10 years and I believe is for (Toyota) vehicles after 2004 years. I have NOT seen this recommended by anyone for use in a Stag.

    The Toyota red you need is part number 0888980014 - 'Toyota Long Life Coolant - Concentrated - Red - 5 Litres'

    They also do a pre-mixed version at twice the price(ish), part number 0888980002. 'Toyota Long Life Coolant - Pre-Mixed - Red - 5 Litres'

    I just use the 0888980014 concentrate above. My tap water is very soft so I just mix it with that. I have a Volvo header tank and I use about 4.75 litres of the concentrate for a complete system fill after a flush.