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Inlet Manifold Gasket Sealing

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    Inlet Manifold Gasket Sealing

    I'll be refitting my inlet manifold soon. I used Wellseal all over on both sides of the gaskets last time but is this the best method?

    I've seen some use just a thin bead of silicone around the waterways and nothing around the inlet ports but wary of it squishing into and partially blocking the waterways.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on the best compound and how to use?

    Yes, have been using tiger seal in this application for many years, usually with 1st time success. It is a polyurethane sealant . Other brands are ‘mhp’ . The only downside is that it is pretty structural, so disassembly is more forceful. Also, you don’t get to use much of the tube, usually.
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      I’ve been using Dirko for quite a while and find it way superior to silicon in the inlet manifold scenario


        Thanks for the replies,
        I thought Tiger seal was for seams? is there a reason for using this over silicone.
        Is that the Dirko silicone sealant? either 300 or 315 degC but does that make a difference?

        Do you just use a bead around the waterways as in the Rimmer's video? That would make sense as it should give you the highest clamping force where you need it to seal.
        Do you fit, tighten a little than go back the next day and fully tighten when it has cured?

        I used the gaskets with the slots last time, I do have some Payen ones but they were too thick last time so I've bought some unslotted ones from SOC spares. Silicone would just fill the slots anyway.


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