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    How the professionals do it when it is someone else's car??

    Open boot and don protective clothing.
    Dap about.
    Don breathing apparatus.
    Dap about for some time until fire really gets a hold.

    Draw straws for someone daft enough to open bonnet.
    Burn hand trying to release bonnet.
    Get cross and beat **** out of bonnet with a handy axe.

    Finally squirt a bit of water about.



      Afternoon all,

      Having spent 43 years in the Merchant Navy (jeez, am I REALLY this old ?? !),where unless we were actually in port you couldn't pick the phone up, dial 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade. We, the poor old Jolly Jacks had to fight our own fires. The message was fire PREVENTION prevents fires. However, no matter how well you prepare, always plan for the unexpected.
      When I moved into my flat 2 years ago, it had a smoke detector in the lounge and bedroom, but NO fire extinguisher. However, I immediately bought one...which is NOT kept in the kitchen.
      This is suitable for Class A,B and C fires, which covers just about all fires except molten metal....and you NEVER want confronted with that, that's Deepwater Horizon territory....

      I also keep a similar extinguisher in the daily driver, and in the Stag. It has it's home on the passenger side shelf.

      Important note: powder extinguishers have a tendency for the powder to settle and go into "clumps" which could cause the flow to momentarily reduce or stop.
      I usually give the extinguishers a good shaking at least once a month, or whenever I remember. And they have a gauge showing pressure
      Also, give your extinguisher a wee "test" prior to having to use it in anger.....otherwise you'll end up standing there like John Wayne with the empty gun...and singed eyebrows!
      On a serious note, DON'T go for the cheapest one. Our cars cost tens of thousands, 20-odd quid isn't a bad investment to make.

      Let's hope nothing under the bonnet gets hot and bothered!

      '77 Tahiti Blue, Spax, MoD, poly-bushed.