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Exhaust manifold to exhaust downpipe flange studs.

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    Exhaust manifold to exhaust downpipe flange studs.

    Another question. I’ve sheared one of these studs. Another stud has a larger nut on as a spacer with the brass nut below this. All the other studs, I can slide the brass nut on over the stud thread, as though the stud has tapered narrower then the thread will engage.
    The broken stud is on the o/s by the oil filter bowl. I am spraying Plus gas on the studs and flange every evening. Do you know if it is possible or worth trying to remove the stud insitu and if so, any suggestions how? I don’t really want to use heat and don’t want to remove the exhaust manifold in case it creates more problems and jobs. I’m hoping the other stud nuts will bite and torque up sufficiently other wise those studs will have to come out as well.
    Thanks very much again.

    Remove the manifold; remove the studs; replace all using extended length brass nuts that cover the stud threads. Thereafter any jobs requiring removal of downpipes are easily tackled. PM sent
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