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Size of crank bearing bolts 5/8 ?

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    Size of crank bearing bolts 5/8 ?

    Hello guys,

    my engine is going through a general inspection / overhauling and my problem is that I have absolutely no information about what and when components have been replaced and / or overhauled.
    The heads are off and been delivered for a refurbishing and now I want to check the condition of the crankshaft.
    I tried to take the main bearing off, but with a 5/8 " nut I have some play and I wouldnt trust too much to turn the bolt off, especially because of the high torque (62) the bolts are fixed.
    Metric nuts and spanners donīt match either....
    What is your experience and what do you suggest to use ? Is there a special tool to be used ?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    They are 7/16" UNF which as you say should have a 5/8" AF head. If they are the correct bolts (they look OK in the picture) then just make sure you use a HEX sockect rather than a 12 point one and you should be OK. They are not usually super tight but might need a bit of effort to "crack" them loose.

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      Can't say I have ever had a problem with this, I would suspect your socket is either worn or just poorly made.

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