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Oil Pump Relief Valve

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    Oil Pump Relief Valve

    Hi there,

    I have a small oil leak which I think is coming from the oil pump relief valve O seal.
    I have been reading with much interest about different spring lengths, different pump types, insertion of washers to improve pressure and welding of half washers to aid removal! The information available on here is fantastic!
    I am intending to remove the split pin and turn over the engine (electrically immobilised) to remove the cap so that I can change the O ring.
    What I cannot establish is whether the sump needs to be drained to remove the relief valve so that I can change the O ring?
    In the same vein, if I discover that leak is coming from the oil pump itself, can the pump be removed without draining the oil?
    My gut feeling is probably not but there's no harm in asking!

    Many thanks in advance for any information.


    yes and yes. no need to drain the oil for either. you may have to drop the exhaust down pipe to allow enough room to pull the pump off.

    change relief valve o ring first. quick and easy and it is quite often the culprit. some just pop out some need more persuasion. i just start the engine for literally a second. place bowl underneath to catch the bits. just cranking will do it but can take a bit of cranking to build enough pressure.

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      What Roger said, plus oil leaks from other places (cam covers, oil transfer housing) can also "gather" at that point. But easiest one to start with is the relief valve O ring, as good a place to start as any!
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        Thank you both for your quick replies and for the extra information you have supplied.
        I'll get after it at the weekend!

        Many thanks


          If the oil pump pressure relief valve o-ring needs replacing, I would be suspicious about the other two o-rings in the pump...........
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