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Strange electrical problem

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    Strange electrical problem

    Following on from my earlier post, I refitted the reconditioned seat belts and reconnected the seat belt indicator circuit. However and may be totally coincidentially, the car now won't even turn over. Lights work, dashboard lights and gauges come on but nothing when I turn the ignition key to start. No ticking from starter or fuel pump. I've subsequently replaced the battery, battery negative cable, and coil. Still nothing. Voltmeter shows 12.6v at battery, power to the fuel pump, power at the coil but still nothing when you turn the key. Just about to replace the fuel inertia switch before starting to consider if the starter motor or ignition switch miraculously failed at the same time I reconnected the seat belt circuit although I can think of no reason why they would be connected.
    Prior to messing around with the seat belts, the car started first time every time. The only thing with the seat belt warning circuit is the wires coming from the passage seat binnacle don’t seem to do anything. Drivers seat works in that you clip in the seat belt and the warning light goes off.

    Is the car auto? if so check inhibitor switch / starting in neutral. if not, check starter solenoid wire connection & ignition switch contacts.
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