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Tenerife Stag Problems (2019/20)

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    Originally posted by dasadrew View Post
    From my experience with "moderns", it's not an auto-electrician or a computer technician you need to fix a problem, it's an amply filled wallet! Just change one box after another until either the problem or the customer goes away! :confused:
    That is exactly what is happening with a friend of mine's car in the U.K., it's been in a main dealer's garage there for 3 months because although it runs fine, none of the dashboard instruments work when the engine is running. They have supposedly changed lots of electrical components without finding the fault, and my friend has now had the car transferred to an auto electrician to have a go. I won't say what make it is, but apparently this is quite a common fault on this particular popular model.

    Now where exactly did I put my Stilson?
    Terry (home - Los Cristianos) ~ (YouTube site - "Tenerife Terry" to see uploaded videos)


      Just got home from Snooker, got my Stilson on, and it did the job as I was able to tighten the crank bolt up to 120.
      Can't do any more work on the car yet though as have to make preparations for tonights Xmas Party, then away for 3 days from tomorrow.
      Thanks for the advice regarding the Stilson.
      Terry (home - Los Cristianos) ~ (YouTube site - "Tenerife Terry" to see uploaded videos)


        Glad to hear you are another step further on. I'm not sure which is more "exciting", waiting for your next progress report Terry, or waiting for the release of the next episode of "Project Binky".


        White TV8 BW35 no mods and now a Dolly Sprint to keep it company
        So many cars, so little time!


          By the way Terry, I hope your birthday was celebrated with all due enjoyment.
          Header tanks - you can't beat a bit of bling.


            Cheers Roger and Wilf, just got back from setting up the table decorations for tonights Xmas Party - 92 guests and 3 different Acts performing during and after serving of the meal. I was pacing myself nicely on Wednesday (my Birthday) when the Barman brought out (on him) an almost full Brandy glass full of Remy Martin brandy! Things started to slide a bit after that as had already had a few beers beforehand, but did make it to a local Restaurant for a good meal at the end of the evening, and the fact that my VC had arrived earlier that same day made it more enjoyable.
            Terry (home - Los Cristianos) ~ (YouTube site - "Tenerife Terry" to see uploaded videos)


              Just off to Tenerife's Capitol Santa Cruz for 3 days and won't be back till late Wednesday, so won't be doing any more on my Stag till Thursday at the least.
              Had a great Xmas Party Dinner/Dance last night, organised by the misses, and everyone said afterwards it was one of the best ever, and only a few people asked how my Stag was doing.
              I am taking my portable Laptop with me to Santa Cruz, but won't have much time to access it, and not sure if the Hotel we are staying in has WiFi - but I think so.
              Terry (home - Los Cristianos) ~ (YouTube site - "Tenerife Terry" to see uploaded videos)


                Originally posted by Tdm View Post

                Roger I have a pair exactly like the one in your photo (not the ones shown as a wedge in my boot lid photo), and have actually used them to bend straight the boot lid support bracket.
                Hadn't thought to use them as you say, and I still have them in the boot, they are not likely to cause any damage to the pully "shaft" are they?.
                See post no.11.
                I only do what the voices in my wife’s head tell me to do!


                  Like "Arnie" I am back!.
                  Was a nice break to get away for a few days, and I like Santa Cruz and the old nearby Capitol La Laguna.

                  When I got home had a package with a couple of new Grill Badges in them, so cleaned up my Grill (which is currently off the Car), ready to fit them. If I get chance tomorrow I will put the Radiator back and fill it with new clean coolant (50% mix), and after that it will be starting the engine and seeing if I can get the Timing and Carb Fuel mixture correct. Not awaiting any more parts for the car, so should be able to get everything working and back together again fairly soon.

                  Interesting article in the Mag (which was also waiting for me), about Austalian Stags not having any oil leak problems - doesn't say though whether they are still running Strombergs or something else?

                  Have though got another busy day tomorrow, got to see our local Accountant about our latest Tax Demands, and have also run out of medication, so need a Doctor's appointment, and in the evening got another Quiz to run. It's nice to be back home though, the wife's old Honda Accord we drove to the Capitol and back in never put a foot wrong, and used very little fuel despite driving at the max 120KPH (about 77 MPH) on the Motorway most of the time, and occasionally faster!

                  In Santa Cruz did see one of the new Bentley 4X4 SUVs which looked quite nice, and for a Capitol City, Restaurant and Beer prices were very reasonable, a meal for 4 consisting of several courses plus Beer and Wine last night in the main Centre costing in total just 60 Euros (only 15 Euros per person).
                  Terry (home - Los Cristianos) ~ (YouTube site - "Tenerife Terry" to see uploaded videos)


                    one of the new Bentley 4X4 SUVs......

                    Terry, it is just a rebodied VW Toureg with Bentley all over it and £2,000 for an oil change rather than £300 - German badge engineering at its worst.....


                      Off topic, having always wanted one my Bro in law bought a 2002 Bentley 6 months ago, , a 2 ton, 600BHP, 4 WD road rocket. I'm not generally over fussed about big saloons, but it is a seriously impressive bit of kit. Seats a bit hard for me and don't hold you the way a car of that performance could, but that was my only gripe. It certainly has a high grin and pucker factor.
                      He's gong to keep it a couple of years, get a dealer service done then sell it on for hopefully near the same price he paid.
                      Your wife is right, size matters. 3.9RV8


                        Episode Dec Xmas-6.
                        Fitted my new badges to the Grill then placed it in the boot ready for re-fitting.
                        Fitted the radiator and all it's connecting hoses, but yet to attach the bottom fan guard and fill with coolant.

                        The Council have just put large barriers all along both sides of our road (Avenida San Francisco) stopping anyone parking there, and a house across the road has put out a red carpet and lots of Chinese banners and decorations welcoming some "special" person called "MAZU" whoever that is, and it looks like there is going to be a big Chinese Parade outside either tonight or tomorrow. Must be someone important for the Council to put up concrete barriers and stop all parking, will just have to wait and see.

                        If have time tomorrow will do a bit more work on the Stag, it seems that I am now on the Home Straight unless something new goes wrong.
                        Once again got stopped by a holidaymaker whilst working on the car who said quote "I used to have a Stag - they overheat don't they!" - I tried to put him straight.
                        Stag 19Dec.jpg
                        Terry (home - Los Cristianos) ~ (YouTube site - "Tenerife Terry" to see uploaded videos)


                          Originally posted by Tdm View Post
                          ........"I used to have a Stag - they overheat don't they!" - I tried to put him straight.....
                          Did you say they only overheat if the front grille is obstructed by badges and headlights?

                          Have a good one Terry - I guess your 2020 vision is a trouble-free Stag!

                          If you can't say something nice, don't say it !


                            Cheers Drew - just found out that "MAZU" is a Chinese Sea Goddess (picture below), but what she is doing in Los Cristianos I have no idea, although the locals do celebrate each year and give thanks to the Sea and Fishermen, as Los Cristianos was once a Fishing Port before it became a popular Tourist Destination. There are lots of Pilot Whales and Dolphins in the sea.
                            Mazu.jpgMazu.jpgJust in case you want to take a look, as it happened just outside our Complex about 5pm tonight so I took some pictures - more Chinese gathered on our Avenue than I have seen in a group anywhere, the decorated Apartment shown is a fairly new one just across the road from me. Click on video below to watch.
                            Attached Files
                            Last edited by Tdm; 19th December 2019, 19:15.
                            Terry (home - Los Cristianos) ~ (YouTube site - "Tenerife Terry" to see uploaded videos)


                              Today's important EGM finished earlier than expected, so I was able to do a little bit more work on the Stag when I got home.
                              Fitted the fan guard beneath the radiator, and topped up with coolant and tidied a few things up, and put away some of the tools no longer needed.

                              Next job is the critical one - getting her to fire up and setting the Timing and Carb Fuel mixture so that she runs good, and hopefully doesn't leak as much oil (if any) as she did before. At present I have put back the blocking pipe on the base of Weber, as it did start last time with that on, but after getting it running reasonably, I will remove it and attach the breather pipe that comes from the PCV nozzle in the oil catch tank, and see what it runs like with that attached. If it runs well that way I shall leave that breather pipe on.

                              Snooker in the morning, but in the afternoon will attempt the above. If everything is O.K. just need to put back the front grill, and give the car a good clean to remove all the dirty marks I have put on it whilst working in the engine bay, underneath, and the boot.

                              If can get it running well over a distance, then need to go to the ITV (MOT) Testing Station to get a new sticker for my windscreen (current one expires end of 2019), yet got another 3 years left before it has to be tested again.
                              Terry (home - Los Cristianos) ~ (YouTube site - "Tenerife Terry" to see uploaded videos)


                                A quick start of the car on the 21st and it didn't sound too healthy!?.
                                Not had time since to check or adjust anything, but a neighbour's brother-in-law who is out on holiday for a few weeks seems really knowledgable about car engines and gearboxes, and he is going to give me his opinion in a few days time when we will together attempt to get it running again. Looks like it will be after Boxing Day or later however as have a really lot going on at present, including some of our Grandchildren coming out on the 27th for 4 days, so aim to enjoy Xmas as much as we can before getting my hands dirty again..
                                Terry (home - Los Cristianos) ~ (YouTube site - "Tenerife Terry" to see uploaded videos)