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    I have a problem I had a tk103a fitted few years ago and it used to send me wrong location so I thought let me get one professionally fitted with cut of etc not that expensive 150.. fitted worked fine but today sending me wrong location again . I have spoke with fitter he does alarms etc nice guy but he said its like our phones gps signal can get lost and it wont work
    is this true .can it be fixed through settings etc or have I just wasted money again
    it did work again when I came home but...
    thanks richard

    Not sure I totally understand what he meant but in essence, yes, no GPS signal = no correct location.

    The GPS signal is very weak as it comes from satellites orbiting the earth, as a) it travels a long way to get here and b) it is not that strong to start with as the satellite has limited power. To get an accurate location the tracker will need to get a good signal from at least 4 satellites. It is effectively "line of site" so if the tracker aerial cannot "see" a satellite directly it will get no signal from it. Most decent receivers (in your phone, in trackers, in stanavs etc.) will actually be tracking and receiving signals from up to 14 satellites at once thus reducing the chances of a "dead spot". BUT as the signal is weak if you are parked under trees & there is exceptionally thick cloud for instance then it can make the signal too weak for accurate location. Also as the satellites are moving the number that are visible and "in range" varies all the time. To complicate things further there are several systems in operation (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and others.) More expensive devices will track satellites from more than one system thus increasing reliability and accuracy.

    To sum up it is perfectly possible for the tracker to lose its signal in certain situations - just like a sat nav or your phone. Possibly due to being in a deep valley or being surrounded by tall buildings which will reduce the number of satellites it can receive, or thick tree cover making the received signals weak or both! But with a clear view of the sky all around and a clear blue sky the location should be reliable and precise (to within 3m or so). If you constantly seem to get poor location it could be the aerial has not been fitted in a good place. Your fitter should sort it out.

    It is worth pointing out that a Sat Nav - and apps like Google maps on your phone - kind of cheat when it comes to plotting your location - they have a map and know where you should be - i.e. on a road, so even if the signal gets a bit weak and inaccurate, the software will continue to place you on your planned route until the error gets too great. Just watch your sat nav display when you ignore its instruction to take exit 14 on the M4 (or where ever) for quite some distance it will continue to plot you progress on the planned route rather than where you actually are, then it will suddenly jump to the correct position, at which point it will re-route and ask you to do a U turn in the outside lane A tracker just reports a set of location co-ordinates so appear a lot less accurate than your sat nav.

    Sorry for the long winded explanation, got a bit carried away

    White TV8 BW35 no mods and now a Dolly Sprint to keep it company
    So many cars, so little time!


      that's brilliant explanation marshman thanks it does make sense and stacks up with what the fitter is saying .it is working correctly now at home .the sat nav explanation is so true that happened to me just last week wanted me to carry on even though I missed the junction
      so I think stick with it if the worst case something happens it should eventually find the damn thing
      I hope


        Any tracking system that does not know where it is is useless and a waste of money. I never have had an issue with losing satellites, I agree it could happen but it’s a rarity. I would suggest that either your tracking unit is poor quality, faulty or badly installed. Please note I’m not using the word tracker as that’s a trade mark of a quality system which should not be confused with other tracking systems.


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