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    I remember Glenn Merrell from the Stag club of USA had these cowls remanufactured in ABS. Costly import option for you though. - Alan

    Originally posted by trunt View Post
    Looks to be the same as the federal cars. I have been watching out for those parts for years but they just don’t come up. I did get the top half. The guy that sold me the car must have found them 6 months later and put them up on eBay, ignored my offer to snap them up and they went for a high price, I passed, I am now starting to regret that!

    Here are the pieces from my car that some other bugger is enjoying!




      Yes, I’m actually in the USA but TBH I thought that it was a bit pricey, I do have an nos top half of the shroud I snapped up on eBay for a good price and could probably make the bottom half as I have some forming tools, meanwhile I’m still watching - who knows?perhaps someone will find one sitting on a shelf..

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      Terry Hunt, Wilmington Delaware


        Triumph Stag Club USA
        Michael M. Coffey
        401 Brighton Drive
        Clarks Green, PA 18411
        Phone: (570) 586-1810

        Try calling Michael /


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