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How Long, a suspension question

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    How Long, a suspension question

    When I got my car 14 years ago one of the first jobs I did was a strut rebuild new springs, tops, Spax inserts and polybushed since then it's done about 35K. To me it still seems ok no obvious clonks but then I wouldn't necessarily notice the deterioration. So my question is how long should a set of springs and inserts last?

    Springs will last until they break though they might sag slightly with lots of age/mileage.

    Inserts will also do a lot more than 35K miles provided they don't spring a leak, I haven't really found a problem with any type of shock absorber unless they were really soft to begin with, but then the original softness was probably what I found wrong as I prefer a more heavily damped suspension than was ever provided on any original Triumph car!
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