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    Form 20th Jan update to Android, loads fine, but reports that the app as written for an earlier version of Android. Is there an update coming?


      The Forum on my mobile phone works fine but I can't get the Forum on my PC, everything else is OK.

      NOW SOLVED with a separate short cut to the Forum in addition to the main SoC site.
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        Just downloaded on Galaxy A10.


          Anyone else get big white spaces before and after any writing on posts?
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            Yes. I think it’s since my phone was upgraded to latest iOS.
            Hopefully the next “upgrade” to the forum software will actually be an improvement, unlike this one.


              I loaded it on my new iPad Air awhile back - works ok for browsing and quick posts. But if you try and edit one of your posts, you cannot submit it. It also doesn't handle URLs very well.

              The only reason I'm here today is that I've resurrected my old iPad 3 to take away on holiday, and it took me ages to find out where I got the original app from so I could put it on the old device. Here's hoping it works with the old IOS that the old iPad is limited to.


              Seems like it won't, I just get 'connection issues' when I try and login.
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