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    Roof frame

    My roof frame is broken in the o/s/f corner , I have a replacement frame , has anyone ever changed the actual hood from one frame to another, and if so how hard was it

    Check this recent thread running at the moment

    And go to post #6 and 7
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      you could replace just the front end,but that means drilling out the rivet on the corner of the frame,dont think there available any more, i would change the front rail with the two sides attached ,just unbolt them


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        If you know someone with a lathe the 'rivet' isn't hard to make but you would need still need the piece of frame off the car and on an anvil to hammer the rivet closed. Don't forget to use a thin cardboard spacer so that the joint has enough clearance to move a little when the card is removed.
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          The corner repair is detailed on here if you search for it.

          Then its only a few rivets to remove, no the whole lot.

          If you remove the whole hood fabric, you might as well fit a new one.

          However, it would be possible to swap, just not likely to be 100% so not really worthwhile.

          found the details:-
          As you probably know, the rail breaks because the rivet siezed.

          I have sucessfully repaired a few using the following method which took less than 1 hour.

          1. Mask the screen bonnet & door top top screen rail with a heavy sheet (very important to avoid welding damage)

          2. Remove hood header seal

          3. drill out 3 off short 1/8" pop rivets of seal retainer taking time to do this carefully.

          4. peel away hood fabric from header rail & tuck under masking sheet.

          5. remove old rivet from broken frame.

          6. Vee out & dress fractured ends ready for welding.

          7. clamp one end of broken frame together and tack weld.

          8. adjust other end of broken piece and tack.

          9. fully weld over cracked area.

          10. grind back carefully

          11. re drill rivet hole to 6 mm clearance hole or 1/4" clearance hole; paint if required

          12 reassemble replacing rivet with either a 6mm bolt & locknut or a 1/4" bolt and locknut (shank size not across flats)

          13 refit fabric, 1/8" short rivets & seal holder & seal.

          14 have a cup of tea.
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