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    planish over an 1"&/3/4" manderel might do it.

    Mine really needs a new one now though.

    I wish to get a proper system made with quality ss & heatshields & slightly sporty 'silencers' in order to avoid the only just fits scenarios mentioned.

    Anyone know of a quality midlands bespoke ss exhaust 'firm' ?

    Originally posted by mole42 View Post
    I have recently fitted all new original-style stainless exhaust clamps & bolts & poly rubber bits at the rear subframe mounting. I'd forgotten about the long brass nuts for the manifold, we used them on the rally Mini because the standard ones stripped as the engine and exhaust moved about a bit when we were crashing over rocks.....

    The problem with my cars exhaust is that it has been fitted with the usual crappy mild steel exhaust clamps that leave a groove in the outer pipe when they have been over tightened by Mr Kw*kF*t with a windy set to "bloody tight". I have spent a little time with various bits of tubing and a body hammer trying to get the joints more cylindrical but I suspect I really need to get a new one from Double 'S' but that's £400 which is irritating as the one that's on there works when it's sealed.
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