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  • Anthony
    I had the same problem with the glove box light and after adjusting etc. fixed that problem.I then however had a main cut out switch fitted on the firewall by the battery and now turn off the main when not in use.It also is a good security item.

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  • Staghound

    My old Jag had a faulty electric door lock, a relay hidden in the boot was not switching off, draining 1 amp hour...3 days stopped and battery was flat. It cost me a new 90ah battery and much wasted time...


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  • Andrew S
    Great result and was obviously meant to be, well done

    Are you still locked in or have you been in there for 3 weeks waiting to start it up

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  • judderman
    started a topic A happy bunny now

    A happy bunny now

    Hi all over the summer I had something draining the battery over about ten days battery nearly flat (new battery fitted and a complete re-wire)

    checked all the usual suspects put smart phone on record in boot and glove box all light went off ok
    I took the car on a good run 3 weeks ago about 45 miles
    I parked the stag in the garage and accidentally locked myself in and whilst looking for the door remote I notice a light through the speaker grill the glove box light was on so I fitted a new switch
    I went to it this morning after 3 weeks and it started first time looks like that may of been the cause so now a happy bunny

    Thanks Ian
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