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Challenge for the day - Whats the cost?

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    I would guess 25K ive not looked what others have said yet


      It's difficult to use modern cars as a comparision as they are a world apart in many ways, having far more in the way of safety (ABS etc) and computers galore, not to mention Sat Nav and ICE. The Stag was launched in times where a heater hadn't been standard for very long and a Radio was the latest goodie to be thrown in.

      It isn't possible to lump together the cost of new Stag parts as many of them aren't available, so the closest and most accurate comparison might be drawn from a similar car from similar times.

      Mk 1 E type. Doing it all yourself you might build one for £80k.


      TV8, LPG, EEWP, HiD's, ZF 4, 15" Minilites, SS Bumpers & Exhaust, BMW Servo & Master, Rilsan.


        You can't price a build just from parts unless you can do all your own, engine machining, upholstery, painting etc. there will be labour costs incurred. As mentioned above what price a body shell? I spent the equivalent of £25K replacing or refurbishing pretty much everything. That includes a pretty good paint job, not much in rust repairs though. I did most of the work myself but not prep/paint, engine machining, reupholstering seats, re-carpeting. I think a full chequebook restoration would more likely cost £40-45K. In some instances I probably spent more on re-furbishing items than I would have spent replacing them (like re-chroming parts, refinishing wheels) and as the crankshaft I bought has let me down I've recently added another £600 to the bill.
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