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Black crackle under the bonnet

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    Black crackle under the bonnet

    My Stag has the cam covers and airbox finished in black crackle. Other Triumph models had rocker covers in this finish but does anyone know if this was a factory option for Stags (mine is a Mk2 first registered in Oct 1975) or more likely to have been an after-market application? :?

    As can be seen, the crackle has begun to lift (particularly around the cover screws) - can the finish be restored without shot-blasting back to alloy (and then why would I bother)?

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    The Stag covers were always a silvery colour. The Jury is out on exactly what shade, but if you look at pictures in The Original Triumph Stag (if you can access a copy) you will get some idea.

    They are not alloy, by the way. Just pressed steel. Word of warning - if you are considering sand blasting make very sure that the filter inside the RH cover is clean of all blasting media. I have heard of nice shiny new covers being fitted and then the sand getting inside the engine with devastating results. I have to confess that I had to fork out for an unnecessary rebore after doing a similar thing with the inlet manifold. Blasting sand and engines don't mix!

    The crackle finish paint is available from accessory shops. Used it decades ago to refinish an MGB dashboard. The stuff I used was strange. Went on smooth and wrinkled as it dried. Bit like myself :P.Can't say I would be keen on using it under bonnet, but it may be suitable for high temperatures now.

    1974 Mk2, ZF Auto, 3.45 Diff, Datsun Driveshafts. Stag owner/maintainer since 1989.


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