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    Hi... well hear I ever up to my eyes in WAXOYL spanners in hand pampering my darlin white 74 mk2 a long wanted motor and an empty wallet! and avin a good nosey at club mag!...which overall has pretty good content and technical expertise which I have found usefull so far! have got no grief with but expected more out of members shop products and variety offered? will not babble on....

    suggestions to improve...a monthly magazine draw prize? poss cash value or voucher etc for something usefull(i.e draw number to be printed on mag etc.....) with a poss contribution to a recognised charity-? pro rata.... sure it would develop some interest....with all members would have thought?!?...

    it would be a real boon to members- I would have thought- to have some sort of access to special tools needed for the mechanical upkeep of STAGS on some sort of central hire basis? i.e hub pullers...dial guages to name a few...?

    If we are all happy to support this great and bespoke motoring legend !...with untold hours and many a rapped knuckled hand this god forsaken climate! to know that other poor sods like me are doing all the dedicated graft deserved to fly the B.L FLAG!!..

    ..I am happy to say that I do NOT consider £29 thereabouts unreasonable for the top feedback and help I have recieved from forum members via my membership!!!

    especially superstar D.J.T! and Seaside Bill.... to name but few!!!all of which I would never have known about ..before joining! and their aquired "grey matter...!"

    ...finally I add .. am sure the lads at RIMMERS - PADDOCKS etc would broadly welcome the business of owners like ourselves... ? am sure all of us spendin loads of pennies with these boys over the years?!?

    ... should that little membership card get us a discount!?......come on lads! we sure as hell deserve one!!!!!

    :dudehil (whitestag)

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    You need to read another thread, "SOC ideas, ways to improve the club". Been running a while directly as a result of the magazine content recently and is along the lines of what you suggest. As a new owner (like Myself) withfresh views on the club and supplier relationships your views would be much appreciated.



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      Cheers for that TIM!.......appreciated .......PHIL:dude:


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