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Historic car taxation

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    Historic car taxation

    It seems to me that most enthusiasts with old cars limit their use for various reasons. The main 2 are probably, (a) restricted milage for insurance, & (b) not wanting to use them over winter.

    So, suppose, instead of zero rated tax for pre 73, why not have zero tax for ANY car whose milage is restricted to say 2500m/year. This way newer cars could be kept as Sunday cars that can be loveingly pandered. So you can have a Subaru WRX for your toy and a beat up peugot to get to work.
    I have a Stag which is tax exempt, but half the production run isn't.

    If insurance companies offered this restricted insurance, (which is already in place), they could issue a certificate to show the tax authorities to get their disc.
    You would need to show your MOT certificate to your insurers as proof of milage.

    What do you think?

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    One problem could be that new cars don't need an MOT for three years and secondly odometers can be fiddled be the crooked.

    As has been mentioned in another thread a large amount of co2 is produced during car manufacture compared to the co2 produced by the car itself during its life, so how about having a high rate of tax on new cars and gradually reducing it each year down to zero when the car is 25 years old. This would encourage people to delay buying new cars and make it easier to keep older cars going for longer!

    Of course all of us with later stags would benefit from this system and if we could we would change any rule that benefits ourselves

    When I mentioned my idea to a colleague he said that the big car makers would put a price on my head for suggesting it

    hope not
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      Not too mention the purchase tax that the government would loose out on. It's not about what's fair, it's about how much revenue the government can make out of car owners. Ideally i think they would like us to all buy brand new cars -to keep the industry happy, people employed and the tax that generates; buy loads of fuel so that we can carry on paying 85% taxon that;by the road tax and insurance - but not actually use them thus cutting congestion and saving on road maintenance.

      Ever so slightly cynical!