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A photo of Stag no. 2

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    A photo of Stag no. 2

    When it ran briefly I got it out of the garage for the first time in the 7 years that I had it. I got it without an engine or gearbox for $500. The Wolfrace wheels came off a parts car. The gearbox was sourced from Martin Dimic, in UK, years ago and it was sitting in my mother's shed. The gearbox and OD was disassembled as much as possible. My brother and I boxed up and it came back to the US with me as luggage. The OD alone weighed 13 KG. OD had problems and I managed to get one from Dolomite Sprint again in UK. Reverse and 1st gear are very smooth. I spent a lot of money getting the alignment bolts and extended nose from Robsport. The engine was source from a UK spec K reg RHD car imported here to the US. I still have a brand new 20 year old RHD rack from SOC that came with it.

    The color is interesting and I've actually grown to like it. (I think someone mentioned the color is unique to US Stags). Stag no. 1 was the same color, but painted maroon. It's a Feb '71 Stag and Stag no. 1 is a May '71.
    if you've been following my thread the heads are coming off again. Stuck valves on each head. Oh. I didn't get my power steering rack resolved, I used a spare rack.

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