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    Stag has landed

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    Dear all,
    I am very pleased to let you know that, at last, I picked my Stag up from Faversham Classics on Friday, thanks to Trevor, Kevin, Dan and Matt for the work.
    She's a very early bird commission number 435LD and chassis number LD825BW. She was born on 8th January 1971. Bearing in mind the employment relations at the time makes her officially a Friday Car!!!

    She had been in a garage or workshop for over 25 years and has no corrosion. Yep that's right.
    Anyway, she's a nut and bolt rebuild in the original signal red and saddle tan interior. I have made a couple of changes to the original spec but wanted to keep her as close as reasonable whilst looking at safety and comfort.

    Therefore she has inertia seatbelts front and rear, which meant changing the rear cards to mk 2 from mk 1 to allow for the belt feed. I also have US spec front seats but of the same age, this to help avoid whiplash in the even of accident. SHMBO refuses to go in a car without headrests or rear seatbelts.

    I have converted the transmission to manual with J overdrive away from the original BW35 auto to make her a bit more fun in my mind, apologies to anyone who might object. I also now have electronic ignition and a hot weather radiator with electric fan which, alongside the thermostat, comes on at 75C as I will be touring France, Spain and Portugal in her.

    I'm well chuffed and she looks good but will be going to my detailer in September for a ceramic protection on the bodywork. Few snags to work on but nothing significant.

    Few pictures attached - enjoy and I look forward to being an active member in the club.
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    Hi Griff
    That's a stunning and well sorted Stag by the look of things, just in time for the summer. Enjoy.
    Chris TV8 O/D Carmine, Scirocco TDI 180 R Line



      Enjoy it Griff - I know you will



        WOW! Absolutely gorgeous!
        It was James Bond's colour... Saffron Yellow is so cool :-)


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