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Rules and Guidance in use of the forum as at June 2015 and Policy Documents

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    Rules and Guidance in use of the forum as at June 2015 and Policy Documents

    Rules and Guidance in use of the Forum (as at 15/06/2015)

    Policy Documents (as at 25/01/2016)
    The Stag Owners Club provides this forum for the benefit of all members and users.
    The Main Forum is open to the general public. The SOC Club Business Forum is for Members only
    Since we are a classic car club it is expected that postings to these forums will relate to our use and enjoyment of classic cars and especially to the Triumph Stag.
    The Non Stag-Related Topics Forum is also for Members only and provides for threads or posts on more general matters.
    The For Sale and Wanted, Traders, and Technical Areas are as described in their titles.
    The Forum Moderators will maintain the forum to ensure that users abide by the rules. Where a moderator considers that a rule has been broken, moderators will normally offer advice to the poster, but posts may be deleted with or without warning. Where there is persistent inappropriate forum activity from a user who disregards the advice given to him, the user’s access may be suspended with or without notice.
    Our Rules are not meant to be overly prescriptive, but to ensure smooth running of the Forum. Rules will not cover every eventuality. Moderators may sometimes have to make judgement calls on particular postings, especially where interpretation is, for instance, required concerning what constitutes "insulting, rude, offensive, sexist, vindictive, vulgar, profane, threatening, divisive or illegal"
    Some general guidance about posting
    The Forum is primarily about helping its Members to use, maintain, repair and enjoy the Triumph Stag.

    Trading; the promotion of a members business interests or products is expressly prohibited except within paid advertisements in the Traders Section of the Forum.

    The Non Stag-related Topics area provides opportunity for other discussions on a wider range of topics. It's also the place for letting off steam (within reason), sharing a joke or a humorous anecdote, (but please don't cut and paste pages from elsewhere), and in a limited way, for putting the world to rights. But do please remember this is a Classic Car Forum, not a substitute for other mainstream forums.
    This forum is open to the general public which means that anyone can read your messages. You are publishing your thoughts and comments for anyone who looks at the forum to see.
    Your postings will be seen as reflecting on The Stag Owners Club, and also on you as an individual so please aim for posts that are informative, helpful, humorous, interesting, polite, and posted in the appropriate section. (Posts may be moved if found to be in the wrong section.)
    Do feel free to disagree with or challenge advice or information given by others, but be polite, and factual. And of course be prepared to accept that others may disagree with your advice or views.
    Be polite and courteous. Don't post anything that is: insulting, rude, offensive, sexist, vindictive, vulgar, profane, threatening, divisive, illegal (defamatory, libellous, racist etc.), personal or invasive of any person's privacy.
    Avoid derogatory criticisms or attacks on a person’s character.
    Avoid political or personal campaigns against any user, or the SOC; by all means have your opinion, but don’t repeat it ad infinitum to other people’s annoyance.
    Humour and wit are to be welcomed and encouraged, and the occasional joke can lighten the mood but do try to keep a balance.
    Try to stay 'On topic', especially when someone has asked for specific information. Members, and particularly original posters, can ask for posts to stay on topic, without unnecessary reporting and intervention by Moderators. As always, be polite and avoid confrontation.

    Disagreements must not be played out on thread continually and should be quickly taken to PM by the parties involved. Otherwise posts may be removed and disciplinary action may be taken.

    It is not uncommon for disagreement to arise between members. Providing the posting meets the usual rules, it is an acceptable occurrence but not one to be encouraged. Posters should be aware that this can be a source of annoyance, and result in members reporting posts, which can lead to disciplinary action for those involved, typically a ban on posting and a period of moderation.

    Members other than the parties of the original disagreement are not to involve themselves and, specifically, must not take sides.This merely prolongs the disagreement and any member not heeding this rule can expect their posts to be removed immediately and may be placed into a period of "moderation" of undefined length,whereby their posts will come to the moderation team for approval before publication.
    If you consider a posting to be offensive or inappropriate report the incident to the moderators using the 'report this post' button beside the posting. Replying directly may simply make a bad situation worse and involve you in tedious, and argumentative discussion.
    Moderators, in dealing with any complaint you may make, will consider your views with reference to the rules and the generally accepted views and practice of the membership. Issues are seldom clear cut but please be assured that Moderators will deal fairly with the complaint, seek a resolution, and advise you of the outcome.
    Individual Moderators have the power to take action but the Membership have asked that there should, where possible, be consultation on the treatment of any complaint and consensus when dealing with more contentious issues. Posts may be suspended to allow for this consideration.
    Bans or suspensions have been given in the past, but only very rarely. They generally resulted from repeated disregard of advice or warnings (infractions) given to posters by the Moderation team.
    Please note that there is no full-time moderation of this Forum. Our Moderators are forum members and volunteers so there may be some delay in dealing with issues.

    Private messages, emails or other personal communications must not be made public on this forum.

    If you receive an offensive PM then report it by use of the 'Report this post' button.


    This is a very contentious area as businesses are naturally protective of their reputations. Be aware that they could take legal action against the Forum or individuals.

    Meanwhile we suggest:
    Its OK to relate your own experience with a particular trader, good or bad, but be very wary about publicly naming them and be factual, truthful and polite.
    Resist offering advice, let the reader make up their own mind from what you've said.
    Don't use the forum to publicly ‘name and shame’ traders or products; this is not the appropriate method of dealing with such problems.

    Comments and suggestions about the Forum should be addressed to the Forum Administrator.

    Please see below the attached policy documents for the Stag Owners Club and Forum

    Attached Files
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