Hello All,

Been on here for a fair while but only just about to start the stag restoration (slowly) as my Morris 8 is off for paint now so was twiddling my thumbs!

I have restored a few cars over the years and wasn’t looking for a stag although always admired them, then heard of this one that had been off the road since ‘92.

It had had a terrible respray before then, but up on the ramps looked great. Has never been welded before but needs some work.

I have the usual rot and a bit of damage to the passenger side rear quarter (and know doubt the drivers when I get to it) but having got the excellent soctfl rear wing repair section and was about to order a sill in anticipation....here is where I need advice. The top of the sill behind the strengthening panel and in front was completely rotten, I removed the lower section of the front wing and to my surprise that was lovely and solid, have had a camera in the sill through the access at the rotten back end and it is lovely and solid with minor surface rust, the inner wheel arch rear also looks great.

would you guys repair the top of the sill at the rear or replace the whole outer sill? Metal fabrication is no real issue for me.

will try to attach pictures.