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1977 Stag restoration

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    was also fitted to Fed. Mk2 . there was also a deflector between engine and rad.


      Are you referring to the part below? It's missing from my car - like a few other things, previous owners must have decided to discard it. Other parts I have been able to find, but not this one - not surprising there's no availability with the main UK sources, but I have also had no luck in Australia. Perhaps USA?



        Finally started working on getting things back together inside - have installed heater box and fascia; next will be re-attaching steering column and installing instrument panel etc. Before I do that I'm currently pre-wiring for the radio and anything else while access is still relatively good. Since taking this photo I installed one of those dual-cone speakers in the dashtop and while I've read about people having difficulty squeezing the speaker in, I didn't have a problem with that - only issue was with fixing via the existing mounting holes. I was only able to align with the two holes furthest from the screen, with the result that the speaker sits on a slope - seems firm enough though and doesn't stop the grille from sitting as it should.,



          My dual cone speaker was a pig to fit.. but it’s an A/C heater which may be different in that area..
          Terry Hunt, Wilmington Delaware


            Same with mine. Only front two holes lined up. I put a piece of wood underneath to wedge it level.


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