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1977 Stag restoration

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    was also fitted to Fed. Mk2 . there was also a deflector between engine and rad.


      Are you referring to the part below? It's missing from my car - like a few other things, previous owners must have decided to discard it. Other parts I have been able to find, but not this one - not surprising there's no availability with the main UK sources, but I have also had no luck in Australia. Perhaps USA?



        Finally started working on getting things back together inside - have installed heater box and fascia; next will be re-attaching steering column and installing instrument panel etc. Before I do that I'm currently pre-wiring for the radio and anything else while access is still relatively good. Since taking this photo I installed one of those dual-cone speakers in the dashtop and while I've read about people having difficulty squeezing the speaker in, I didn't have a problem with that - only issue was with fixing via the existing mounting holes. I was only able to align with the two holes furthest from the screen, with the result that the speaker sits on a slope - seems firm enough though and doesn't stop the grille from sitting as it should.,



          My dual cone speaker was a pig to fit.. but it’s an A/C heater which may be different in that area..
          Terry Hunt, Wilmington Delaware


            Same with mine. Only front two holes lined up. I put a piece of wood underneath to wedge it level.


              Pretty exciting putting my instrument panel back in, but excitement marred somewhat by the fact that the fore-and-aft adjustment on my steering column is well and truly jammed. I have given up trying to free the inner and outer tubes and have pulled the column from my donor car - I wasn't optimistic but surprisingly, given that the car had been standing for over 20 years, the tubes appear to telescope OK. I've certainly had my money's worth out of that donor car - petrol tank, heater box, console, and now steering column - plus a multitude of random bits and pieces that I found were missing, butchered or had been otherwise badly substituted on my car. I guess hiding in a barn for all that time saved it from being molested in the same way as my car was.


              A guy I know wants to buy this off me when I've finished with it - to restore.... hopefully there's enough left of it for him.




                Well the donor car's steering column wasn't jammed, but the bushes between the inner and outer tubes were toast. The NZ Stag Owners' Club have these items in their local stockholding, so following a quick call to Ray Knowles who looks after parts, I received a couple of new bushes in the post a couple of days later. Got the column rebuilt with a quick lick of paint in the process, and installed it yesterday. Progressed further today by installing column nacelle and steering wheel - now pointing straight with rack centred and indicator cancelling clip in correct 3 o' clock position. Now starting to look like a car!



                  With, I should add, much good advice and support from Members on this Forum.


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