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For Sale: Power Steering Hose - 2 sets

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    For Sale: Power Steering Hose - 2 sets

    I bought one set (two pipes) for my LHD Stag some years ago but, when I came to fit the hoses they were definitely not for my LHD car. They seemed to be almost a mirror image, so I assumed that they fitted a RHD Stag. I never tried to fit them.

    I contacted the seller and he sent me a second set - identical to the first set, so also of no use to me!

    After some lengthy communication I did get some refund, but the seller didn't want to know anything about getting them returned (probably the postage would have exceeded his cost). They've been in my cellar waiting for the time to elapse during which the supplier could have asked for their return.

    I'll be honest when I look at the RHD pipes that Robsport sell there does seem to be a slight bend in one of the pipes which is slightly different.

    If anyone fancies giving these a try....

    30 per set including P&P to UK, 45 for both sets including P&P to UK

    Payment by PayPal preferred



    PAS Pipes 1a.JPGPAS Pipes 1b.JPGPAS Pipes 2a.JPGPAS Pipes 2b.JPG
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